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Sara T&T welcomes students, teachers, and parents to Singapore. We bring you to visit all the exciting places, and fill you with knowledge and unforgettable experiences about our Garden City. Unlike other travel agencies, Sara T&T has highly trained travel agents who guide you with itineraries carefully prepared by top Singapore educators.

Students will also get to visit Singapore schools, and engage with local students in fun activities, language & cultural exchanges, and participate in STREAM (science technology robotics engineering arts math) workshops.

Teachers will get to learn about the Singapore education system, the Singapore Teaching Practice and exchange with local teachers on pedagogy and curriculum development.

Parents who accompany the students will have something exciting to look forward too! While their kids are attending workshops or having school exchanges, they can choose to attend parenting courses, get to know more about Singapore as an education destination for their children, and attend talks about wealth & property management and much much more.


Our team of education experts offer exciting and unforgettable student tour experiences. From adventurous drone flying, to meeting new friends in Singapore schools, to creative 3d Food Art, to challenging students from different countries in VR and Robotics competitions and hackathons, to exploring different parts of Singapore, our collection of Edutour programmes is irresistible.

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“When is Sara T&T going to organize another Edutour? I went to Singapore 2 years ago with my high school, and the fun is still reverberating in my mind! I have also learned a lot, and the workshops prepared me well for university.”

Ms. Numpueng (Thai Student)

“In 2019, together with teachers from other Japanese schools, my principal and the head of departments attended workshops organized by Sara T&T. The knowledge gained was eye opening. Our principal commented that the team has learned so much about the Singapore Teaching Practice, and education system. The teachers had a lot of fun too, visiting many attractions and learning about Singapore’s culture and history.”

Hiroyuki-san (Japanese School Owner)

“Working with Sara T&T has been an absolute pleasure! They have an amazing team of people who provided my clients (schools from various parts of China) with unforgettable and useful experiences. I have received such good feedback from the schools that I wish they could exclusively work with my travel agency in China!”

Ms. Shasha (Chinese Travel Agency Owner)